3 Percent For Good

As a minority-owned business, we stand alongside the people in this country and around the world in the fight for justice and racial equality. As a black woman and mother, I am heartbroken by the violence that has affected our community by the hands of hatred. The protests that have ignited around the world has given me hope of a great new world where everyone is treated equal and based solely on their merits. In support of sharing the voices of the black community, we are donating 3% percent of our monthly sales to Black Lives Matter and other organizations that continue to enact change and raise their voices against racial injustice.

Sania Marie will continue to donate an additional one percent of our yearly sales to children hospitals, such as Doernbecher, which provides specialized pediatric care. Doernbecher has the greatest number of pediatric specialists in the region and offers the broadest range of pediatric treatments, and our choice to donate one percent to children’s hospitals is a personal one. 

In 2017, our daughter was infected with a rare case of influenza which devastated us as a family and turned our lives upside down. We were scared. We almost lost our beautiful little girl, but through divine intervention, and the blessing of Doernbecher’ tremendously experienced doctors, our daughter fully recovered.

We are truly grateful for the people of Doernbecher and the staff who went over and beyond to make us feel loved and cared for during this difficult time. So every year, we donate one percent of our yearly proceeds to children’s hospitals such as Doernbecher. 

Thank you,


Alaina Knight Founder of Sania Marie

Founder, Sania Marie