What are Sania Marie Perks?
You deserve to be recognized for supporting us. That’s how we see it, anyway. Sania Marie Perks is the name of our rewards program. When you join our loyalty program, you get cool rewards you get to pick from, and the more you take part, the more exclusive perks you unlock. We are talking about cool stuff that makes you feel good!

How do I join Sania Marie Perks?
It’s easy and free to join. Anyone over 18 who lives in the United States can join the program. To create your account, you will need to provide your email address and a password (which should be at least twelve characters long), then get ready to start earning points and unlocking exciting perks.

Does creating a saniamarie.com account automatically enroll me in Sania Marie Perks?
Yes! We aim to make enrollment easy. Let us know if you aren’t interested in enrolling in our loyalty program here.

Does opting in for marketing emails entitle me to a loyalty account?




Join Sania Mărie Perks
500 Welcome Points

Get 1 point for each dollar (USD) spent in our store ( excluding any shipping fees and taxes)

Instagram Follow
Follow us and earn 300 points.

Facebook Like
Like our page and earn 300 points.

Stay with us until your next birthday and earn 700 points.

Celebrate New Year with us and get 400 points.

Invite a friend and earn 300 points when they make a purchase.

Repeat Purchase
Get two times as many points on your second purchase in 120 days.


What Can I Redeem My Points For?


You’ve earned an exclusive gift! 



$50 OFF your purchase5000


How do I check my points balance?
Make sure you log in to your account. On the top-right menu, select SM Perks. 

Can I redeem my points for a discount?
Once you reach 5000 points, you can redeem your points for a discount on your purchase or continue to earn points for more exclusive perks.

When will I receive my points?
You will earn points immediately when you purchase or complete certain non-purchase activities, such as interacting with us on social media. Your total points balance will reflect your new points. In some cases, you will receive points within 24- 48 hours for non-purchase activities like completing a survey. If you don’t receive your points on time, please contact us.

Do Points Expire?
Glad you asked! Your points expire on a 12-month basis. 

What happens to my points if I return something?
We will return points to your account – it’s just like you hadn’t bought the item(s) in the first place.

I purchased before joining Sania Marie Perks. Can I still earn points on my purchase?
Yes. You must join Sania Marie Perks within seven days of making your purchase to receive points for that purchase.




What are Circles?
We LOVE tiers, aka circles, in our world! They are a fabulous way to access exclusive perks with the most value to you. They also make it easy for us to express our appreciation for how special you are to Sania Marie.

How do I reach a new circle?
To reach a new circle, you must accumulate the appropriate number of points in a calendar year. Upon enrollment, all members will fall into the Yellow Circle. The point values and perks of each circle are:

Yellow Circle (0 – 3,999 PTS)

In the Yellow Circle, you get to enjoy the following perks:

Welcome Bonus Points

Birthday Points on your special day!

(2) Bonus Points Events per year

New Year Bonus Points 


Orange Circle (4,000 -7,999 PTS)

In the Orange Circle, you get to unlock and enjoy the following new perks per year:

(1) Giveaway Event

(1) Double Points Day Event

(3) Bonus Points Events


Purple Circle – (8,000+ PTS)

In the Purple Circle, you get to unlock and enjoy the following new perks per year:

Unlimited Giveaway Events  

Unlimited Double Points Day Events  

Unlimited Bonus Points Events

(1) Pick Your Sale Day


Does my circle status expire?
Your circle status is valid for the remainder of the year you reached a new circle and the following calendar year. You will need to maintain the status of your points to remain in the circle after that date. Otherwise, you will drop to the respective circle for your earned points.

When will my Circle level reset?
Circles will reset each calendar year. You have until December 31st of each year to hit the next circle. If you reach the next circle sooner than December 31st, you will earn the higher circle’s status for the remainder of that calendar year and the entire year that follows.

Each year you must accumulate enough points to remain in your current circle. If you do not maintain your points for the year, you will automatically drop to the circle equivalent to your points accrued for the year.

When will my points reset?
Points expire on a 12-month basis. 

How do I deactivate my Sania Marie Perks account?
Please get in touch with us here to deactivate your account.