A collaboration of two creative minds were behind the birth of Sania Marie in 2018. It was a bold move in a congested fashion industry but the drive to create a brand to promote diversity and defined feminine power was too tempting not to try. Alaina Knight, the founder of Adore Natural Me, Inc. (adorenaturalme.com), wanted to provide a fashionable option to promote the natural essence of a woman while also incorporating a style untouched in a male-dominated industry. Her husband Laphael Knight, founder Inkwell Jar, Inc. (inkwelljar.com) also saw the vision and how the simplicity of refined aesthetics could breath new life. Between the two of them, their passion and drive formed a design label that has reaped high regards amongst their peers as being a style that not only draws a persons eye, but also encompasses the diverse heritage of our community and the awakening of a new generation. Sania Marie wants to stand for something. We want our designs to uplift and encourage.