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Welcome to Sania Marie


Art is more than just a window into the human soul; it is a window into the human experience. It has the power to elicit feelings such as happiness, as well as the ability to evoke experiences that transcend understanding.

Dressing creatively and expressing yourself artistically are ways to build deeper connections with one another.

This sweet spot is where our customers learn both art and fashion are powerful drivers for positive change.


Sania Marie is a family-run brand that made a splash in athleisure wear but quickly realized that nothing gets our blood pumping like a good dose of artistic expression.

We first released sports bras, leggings, and tank tops before realizing that streetwear like hoodies, sweatshirts, and joggers allowed us greater freedom to strike the proper balance between artistic expression and fashion.

The challenge was that we could not find any streetwear that included captivating images in the same vein as the distinctive art we admired.

So, why not bring them together?

We did! We launched Sania Marie and named it after our daughter. She shares our enthusiasm for both incredible cultures.

Our goal is to combine both worlds by developing designs that are as unique as each of our customers, and we will continue to center the growth of our community on this purpose.


We exist to bring the connection between art and fashion to our community.

In the glitz and glitter of the fashion industry, it's simple to lose sight of the bigger picture. Fashion isn't just about dressing up, and our customers know it. It's about fostering creative expression via art by encouraging people to express themselves artistically. We aim to create a community that warmly welcomes and applauds many forms of creative expression.


Our favorite F word and number one priority is to engage in fun with our customers. We want to make our customers happy at every stage of their experience with us.


We know that being a positive impact on other people's lives means not only giving to them. We believe that art has the power to impact people's lives. 

We commit to donating funds to groups that collaborate with local artists to support creative expression in the community.


We want to collaborate with our community to create joyful experiences.


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